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Peter White Christmas feat. Euge Groove, Vincent Ingala & Lindsey Webster

Peter White

Euge Groove

Vincent Ingala

Lindsey Webster

Rams Head On StageAnnapolisMD
Ages 21+
A Peter White Christmas feat. Euge Groove, Vincent Ingala & Lindsey Webster at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis

Make your list and check it twice! This holiday concert is more than just nice!! A Peter White Christmas with Euge Groove, Vincent Ingala, and Lindsey Webster is coming to town. Contemporary jazz lovers eagerly await this annual fun filled concert, which has packed fans into halls and arenas coast-to-coast year after year.

Peter White is an extraordinary and fluent acoustic guitarist whose skills are worldrenowned. Euge Groove adds a dynamic charm to his music with exquisite saxophone artistry and wisdom. With several number one tracks on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart, sultry and soulful young singer/composer Lindsey Webster has taken the contemporary jazz world by storm. Vincent Ingala is no stranger to contemporary jazz audiences- his charisma, energy, and musicianship will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Peter recalls: “My earliest memories of Christmas were probably not much different from many other people: snowflakes, tinsel, Santa Claus, reindeer and the opening of presents surrounded by family. As a child my father taught me to play Christmas music on my first instrument, the recorder, and my love for Christmas music has endured throughout the years. I hope this tour will be an opportunity for many Smooth Jazz fans to enjoy their favorite Christmas songs in a family setting. You know, I might even bring my recorder!” Peter White’s classic acoustic guitar style can be enjoyed through an ever-growing and best-selling catalog including his latest release on Heads Up “Groovin’ ” (2016).

Euge Groove is a quadruple threat; the saxophonist, composer, producer, and DJ, has built an impressive career as a free spirit who remains true to his own artistic vision. It is no wonder the charismatic saxophonist has been able to record a string of #1 hits and garner a devoted following. Euge’s latest CD on Shanachie Records is “Groove On!” (2017).

“Nothing gets me more in the Christmas spirit than the music!” says Lindsey Webster. “The moment I start hearing Christmas carols I get that magical feeling that I had when I was a child...back when the thought of Santa traveling all around the world, delivering presents to all the children, was the most incredible and exciting task anyone had! As an adult, it has surely changed, but Christmas music always gets me right back into the spirit of it all.” Lindsey was named Billboard’s Number One Smooth Jazz Artist of 2016 and 2017. Her most current release is “Love Inside” (2018) on Shanachie Records.

Vincent Ingala “I can vividly remember not being able to fall asleep waiting for Santa Clause to arrive on Christmas Eve. Somehow though, he always managed to get the job done while I was sleeping, and before I could catch him! I remember feeling extra special that Santa would place all of the gifts around the fireplace like a display, as opposed to them being wrapped under the Christmas tree. I would sneak downstairs multiple times with my flashlight to get a sneak peak before the sun would rise on Christmas morning! Memories such as these I will always continue to hold in my heart, they and are what makes Christmas a very magical time of the year.” Vincent’s latest release is “Personal Touch” (2018) on Shanachie Records.

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Venue Information:
Rams Head On Stage
33 West Street
Annapolis, MD, 21401

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