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Quinn Sullivan

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist Quinn Sullivan has released his much-anticipated new single “Salvation (Make Me Wanna Pray),” a compelling blend of rich vocals and masterful guitar work that heralds the first wave of fresh material set for next year. With the unveiling of “Salvation (Make Me Wanna Pray),” Quinn delves into a rich sonic landscape that bridges the past and the present. The single subtly incorporates the warm, swirling tones of a B3 organ and the expressive cries of a wah-wah pedal, enhancing the track’s texture without overwhelming its modern sensibility. This new offering is a testament to Quinn’s ability to honor the roots of rock and soul while forging his path forward, creating a sound that is as fresh as it is classic.

Embarking on a mature and refined musical journey, “Salvation (Make Me Wanna Pray)” delivers a clever twist on the journey of personal awakening, set against the backdrop of an irresistible romance. With a vintage sound that harkens back to the colorful era of ’60s and ’70s rock, the song masterfully uses the metaphor of spiritual discovery to delve into the profound impact of a captivating love. It’s a tune that speaks to the transformative power of an intense connection, inviting listeners to explore the depths of devotion through the lens of romantic infatuation. Quinn’s narrative weaves this duality with finesse, ensuring the single strikes a universal chord with those who have been moved by the profound force of love.

As a burgeoning force in the music scene, Quinn has continually expanded his musical horizons. His recent involvement with the new ensemble Trouble No More, sanctioned by the Allman Brothers to carry on their live-performance legacy and introduce their music to a new generation, has further enriched his sonic palette. This collaboration infuses his work with a taste of the timeless soul and depth of classic rock. This experience echoes through the layers of “Salvation (Make Me Wanna Pray),” where Sullivan’s deepened understanding of the roots of American music shines brightly, offering a fresh perspective on a classic sound.

Quinn’s rise in the music world has been as compelling as his artistry. From an early age, Quinn’s guitar skills turned heads, quickly distinguishing him as a prodigious talent with a passion for the blues and rock ‘n’ roll. His journey has been marked by performances at prestigious venues and collaborations with music legends, earning him recognition not just as a skilled guitarist, but as a musician with a profound understanding of the emotive power of music.

Quinn’s most recent album, ‘Wide Awake,’ took listeners on an aural journey through his diverse influences and stylistic mastery. With tracks that showcased his guitar prowess and songwriting skills, ‘Wide Awake’ was a critical step in Quinn’s evolution as an artist, highlighting his willingness to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. The album’s reception was a testament to Quinn’s ability to connect with audiences through honest storytelling and musical innovation.

Since the release of ‘Wide Awake,’ Quinn has not rested on his laurels. His relentless pursuit of musical growth has seen him on the road, touring extensively and soaking up experiences that continue to shape his sound. The stages of the world have been both a classroom and a canvas for Quinn, as he honed his craft and shared his evolving talents with an ever-growing fanbase. His recent stint with Trouble No More has not only paid homage to his roots but has also been a fertile ground for creative inspiration, contributing to the depth and maturity evident in his latest work.

As Quinn unveils “Salvation (Make Me Wanna Pray),” he stands at a defining moment in his career. This single not only showcases his extraordinary talents but also serves as a bridge connecting his rich past with the promising horizon of his musical journey. With an unwavering commitment to his art and his fans, Quinn is poised to deliver a series of performances that will be a testament to his growth, his experiences, and the heartfelt passion that drives his every note.

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  • Tue, June 25, 2024
  • 7:30 PM 6:30 PM
  • $24.50 $24.50-$24.50
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